Tangled Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Tangled. I really like the whole look of this movie. I’d love to learn how they did it. I love the look of the hair in the movie, especially the girl’s. It’s really neat that you can see a lot of individual strands. It makes it look more real. I also love how the castle looks. The trees and plants surrounding it really add to the whole seen. Enjoy!


3D Studio Glass Apple

Here’s one of my inspirations. This apple was made using 3D Studio and I just love how it looks.  To me it looks real. I love how the lighting really makes it look like it’s glass, and all the shadows do too. This inspires me because even though it’s just an apple, I think it would be difficult to make. 3D Studio is all new to me, but I’m looking forward to learning how to make this kind of stuff. Maybe it isn’t as complicated as I think. It’s from cg-files.com.

Brian Levant Interview

Here’s an interview with writer, director, and producer Brian Levant.  I went to his storytelling workshop this Friday and really enjoyed it.  I found it very inspiring and thought I’d put something relating to him as one of my inspirations this week.  What I found most inspiring was that he said that all of us have a chance to make it as filmmakers, writers, animators, etc.  We just have to believe in ourselves. So enjoy this interview!

Golden Compass Bear

Here’s artwork from the movie The Golden Compass.  I really like this bear.  I would love to know how to make something like this.  I really don’t know what programs were used and I’d love to know.  His armor looks great; I love the shine of it.  I also love his fur, and all the shadows in this picture.  It looks really smooth overall.  Hope I learn how to do this someday:)  It’s from stars.ign.com.

3D Studio Image

Here’s a really cool alien head from 3d studio.The fact that it’s in 3d really inspires me. I’m looking forward to when we start working in three dimensions. I really have no idea how it’s done and I’m looking forward to learning how. Plus, this looks awesome! It’s from file-extensions.org.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Trailer

Here’s the trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It’s a really, really good movie. The animation in it is so cool. I love when the animated world is brought into contact with “real” people. This movie does a lot of that. It’s very colorful and filled with great characters and a great story. Be inspired!

My Neighbor Totoro Storyboard

The top image in this picture is a storyboard done by director Hayao Miyazaki, and the bottom is a still from the movie. First of all, it’s a great movie, one of many Studio Ghibli films. I love most all of them, but this is one of my favorites. I picked this image because it’s really cool to see how much a drawing has to change for it to become part of the film. I like to see where things started, and how they changed along the way. This image inspires me to want to learn that process. This image is from anthonyzierhut.com.

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